Hydraulic hose register builder

An easy way to identify your hydraulic hoses

Identify, specify and get the best price for hydraulic hose

Use this calculator to identify your hydraulic hose

Then get the best price on the net.

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How to use the hydraulic hose register

Suitable for specifying one to one hundred hoses.

Identify the type of hose you have by selecting the correct options from the drop down lists. An image of the correct hose should appear when you make the correct selection.

Click the 'Add to Hose Register' button to add the description into your hose register list, then specify the next hose to add.

Once you have a complete list of hoses press the 'Send Hose List' button .

This will take you to a new screen where you can enter your email address and send the list to yourself.

Tick the box not to recieve prices if you don't want any emails from partner.

Save and import the data in excel csv format if want to keep it in spreadsheet format.

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