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Hydraulic project courses


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Hydraulic training lessons

Introduction to Hydraulic Fluid Power App

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Unlocks the PC training download and circuit builder.

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Download the hydraulic circuit builder simulation software. This program uses the training software registration code.

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Design Guides

Several design guides and calculators are provided free on the website, phone apps and download.

All design guides can be unlocked indefinitely in the phone apps or download.

Training Subscriptions

All training resources can be unlocked via the website, phone app or download. Choose the one you'd like to use above.

A CD version is available with a site license.

Circuit builder simulation software

The circuit builder simulation software is available online or as a download. You can only save new circuits in the software download version which is unlocked with the annual training subscription registration code.

Site licenses and company rebrands

We offer multi-user licenses to training providers and for company promotions.

Training Providers

Training providers get a special license for all of their students. This provides materials to use within the course but can also be used for homework or course refreshers. The phone apps and software will send coursework results directly back to the course tutor. Training providers can also create and distribute their own course content by simply providing us with an excel spreadsheet of their presentations or quizzes etc.

Company Rebrands

Our software and phone apps make effective company promotions. Users get a free unlock and companies can choose which features they wish to include. All internal links are updated to feedback to your company products. 

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