Hydraulic simulation software

Learn how hydraulic systems work by operating circuit simulations

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Online hydraulic simulation program

Build and test your own circuits or experiment with a range of hydraulic circuit examples. Simply select a circuit, click the solenoids to operate the valves and explore what happens. We've built a number of exercises to demonstrate what you should and should not do.

You can test a range of hydraulic components and enter your own equipment sizes to investigate how your systems should work. We also provide a number of guided simulation exercises within our training courses that demonstrate the features and performance of a range of hydraulic circuits.

Free Circuit Simulations _ Full Circuit Access

Online hydraulic simulation software review

Comparison with FluidSim, AmeSim, Automation Studio etc.

Our circuit builder simulation package and virtual hydraulic test rigs are not the same as FluidSim, or similar simulation packages. They cost and perform quite differently. Users must select the one that best fits their needs and almost certainly start with our program before moving on to the dynamic simulation packages as they progress. It's likely that switch will only happen at advanced maintenance technician to experienced design engineer stage.

The key difference is that the advanced simulation packages are fully dynamic which require complex models for valve switching and fluid compliance. Our program uses only steady-state operation with basic valve sizes and setting variables.

With dynamic simulations it's far too easy to use incorrect parameters, such as valve leakage, which leads to incorrect results. These programs are best used by experienced design engineers who understand the complex component detail and have the time to build competent circuits that will avoid potential performance errors. Students new to hydraulics are likely to spend more time learning the program than the hydraulics and very few people use these programs in industry.

Our circuit builder is basic enough to work as a website app with no extra cost or time to install. Students with minimal knowledge can open and test example circuits or edit component values using a simple educational game interface, and little chance of entering 'silly' values. This product is designed as an easy to use teaching aid for people up to maintenance technician, or basic system design level.

EXE Download version

Download the exe version here or a zip version here. This C++ program can be more robust and includes a 'save as' feature.

The software is available for free to multi-user license holders via the teachers resource pages. Individual licenses are NOT included in the website license but can be purchased through the software download links. Activation codes will be sent within 2 days.

Try our new mobile phone version

We have also released an Android version of this app. You can download it here .