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Learn about real hydraulic applications with our interactive simulation program

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Online hydraulic simulation program

Build and test your own circuits or experiment with a range of sample hydraulic circuits.

This hydraulic simulation program allows you to operate a range of hydraulic components or add your own equipment sizes to investigate how circuits work.

Free Hydraulics Simulation _ Pro Hydraulics Simulation

Learn how to operate the hydraulic simulation program

Online hydraulic simulation program demo

This simulation program is still underdeveloped so expect to find new features and improvements all of the time. We would welcome hearing from anyone who would like to help test or evaluate the circuit examples particularly if you can provide evidence against existing equipment. We will be adding more circuits all the time and please ask about the downloadable version if you'd like to save your own circuits.

Background Information

This program allows you to switch and operate hydraulic circuits under steady-state conditions. It does not include any dynamic simulation facilities and therefore should not be used a proof of performance. It has been designed as a training tool rather than design. Traditional simulation programs require much more data to be inputted and are completely unsuitable for people without significant hydraulic experienced. This program has been designed to be very simple to use but difficult to use wrongly. It will not, therefore, show accurate accelerations and deceleration results but will be less likely to go unstable and give false data.

Modern hydraulic simulation software can significantly reduce development time and cut the cost of designing new systems. Significant advances have been made in the performance and ease of use of modern dynamic simulation packages and if you'd like advice on which software would be most appropriate then please contact us for advice or read our simulation software press release .