Hydraulic Actuators

Learn the basics about hydraulic cylinders

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This module introduces hydraulic cylinder basics

hydraulic cylinders

This module looks at the different types of hydraulic cylinder that are available, what they are used for and how they work.

  • What hydraulic cylinders are used for?
  • How hydraulic cylinders work
  • Different types of hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder basic training

This module discusses using hydraulic cylinders in detail

cylinder cushions

This module looks at the operation and application of both fixed and variable displacement vane pumps before reviewing more detailed installation, application, and maintenance advice.

  • Tips for operating and maintaining hydraulic cylinders
  • How to specify hydraulic cylinders
  • Design tips, techniques, and potential issues

Hydraulic cylinder training

Applies to the following areas

This module applies to all types of mobile and industrial applications.

Target Audience

People who are responsible for hydraulic equipment in the following ways:

Operating hydraulic equipment (Basic course)

Managing or purchasing hydraulic equipment.

Maintenance Engineers repairing hydraulic equipment.

Hydraulic equipment designers (Pro. course)

Previous Knowledge Required

Students are expected to be familiar with:

Basic course

1. Where hydraulic fluid power is used e.g. types of machines and industries.

2. Basic hydraulic circuit layout.

3. Able to recognise hydraulic component and their symbols.

Pro. course

4. The operation of hydraulic fluid power equipment.

5. Understand hydraulic components and where they are used.

6. Able to read hydraulic circuit and their symbols.