Hydraulic system design guides

Design, specify and test your own hydraulic system

New range of design guides in development

Our hydraulic system design guides will help users specify the loads, cylinders, valves, power units and pipework. They will allow users to select and size components from a drop down list and the modify or warn about issues with the rest of the system.

Each design guide will export a csv file containing the recommended component sizes that the user can enter into a spreadsheet to backup the final calculations evidence. These files will also contain enough information for suppliers to accurately quote the appropriate hydraulic equipment.

We are currently looking to work with hydraulic equipment suppliers to provide the data for each component and supply quotes for equipment in their area.

Try our prototype design guides

Hydraulic cylinder design guide. Add your hydraulic loads for a clear picture of the control forces.

Hydraulic power unit design guide. Add your loads and let the program size the components.

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