Hydraulic pumps and motors

Learn about hydraulic pumps and motors and where they are used

Understand where and why to install the different hydraulic pumps designs

Typical hydraulic pump applications

This section covers high-pressure hydraulic pumps primarily operating on mineral oils.

Applications include:-

Mobile applications:- from car steering pumps, tractor auxiliary pumps, excavator and crane pumps to closed loop hydrostatic transmission pumps.

Industrial systems:- from infrequently used low-pressure systems such as filling pumps to high duty, high-pressure applications such as steel mills.

Gerotor pumps

up to 70 bar

Low-pressure low flow applications. Generally quiet and cheap they are mainly used in lubrication systems or moderately low-pressure car or lorry systems.

External gear pumps

gear pump animation up to 210 bar

Low cost, compact design situations. Generally used in low-quality hydraulic systems because they do not have the best volumetric or mechanical efficiency. More importantly, they tend to generate more contamination that other pumps, particularly when they fail. Life and duty also tend to be less than piston pumps.

Internal gear pumps

up to 210 bar

Similar to external gear pump but have a larger physical size. Often used for low noise situations but cost and performance can be limiting.

Vane pumps - fixed and variable displacement

up to 210 bar

Vane pumps are generally used in better quality systems than external gear pumps because they are cleaner and quieter. They cost less than piston pumps but the variable displacement designs can still utilise many of the pressure and flow controllers that variable piston pumps have, making them an ideal option for many low-cost applications requiring good control or operating efficiency.

piston pump simulation up to 315 bar

Axial piston pumps tend to be used for high performance industrial and mobile application. They are capable of high performance and duty cycles for long periods of time. With few components that physically touch and therefore wear against each other, they do not generate much contamination.

They also come with a wide range of flow, pressure or power controllers.

Radial piston pumps

up to 450 bar

Generally used for very high-pressure applications.