Educational and RSS screensavers makes learning easy

Deliver information and education fast with this FREE RSS screensaver

Download your free educational screensaver here

A time efficient way to read the latest RSS news

RSS news feeds are a fast, low cost way to distribute or receive the latest information.

This RSS screensaver is the best way to read them and the FREE educational RSS feeds contain some of the best training information available.

A personal date reminder, RSS news and tip reading screensaver


This unique screensaver will remind you of any personal or business dates. Add your own pictures and read you favourite RSS feed. Use the powerful learning engine with its range of free educational or amusing RSS tips.

Each educational screensaver is FREE

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The easiest way to learn

Educational RSS tips via your screensaver

Research shows that screensavers work for 38% of the time a computer is on. Displaying tip or training information via a screensavers throughout the day will drip feed you with information and has been shown to be 4-5 times more effective at ensuring people remember.

All our RSS tip/training modules are free.

Get your logo on your clients computer screen

The ultimate eMarketing tool, and a valuable facility that will not be removed

  • Much cheaper than named mugs or pens etc.
  • Displays your company logo on your customerĂ‚'s computer screen, every day.
  • Improves website traffic and page rank.
  • Provides dynamic, up to date company information.
  • Provides added value to your customers.
  • Passed about freely to reach and feedback new customers.
  • Provides direct access back to your website.
  • Teaches people about your products or services.

Earn generous resellers commission

Earn commission by reselling custom screensavers to your clients.

You supply the graphics and we will do the work. Contact us for details as facilities can be added or removed as required.

Personal and/or business date reminders

The date reminder facility lets you add your own personal dates or anniversaries then reminds you from seven days before they are due.

The Financial Date Monitor calculates and reminds you of all your key financial dates.

Display your own images or photographs

Import your own pictures or download photo packs from this website.

Events calendar reminders via the screen saver

The events facility will help you plan your weekends or training courses. This is no longer in the standard version but is built in.