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Each course is design to suit specific skills or requirements

Introduction to Fluid Power

hydraulics course 1

Take a look at our first full training course.

This course is aimed at people with no previous knowledge of fluid power and the content is provided free of charge to schools and colleges.

Introduction to hydraulics Course Resources

Protect against upper limb disorder and RSI

rsi prevention

Take our RSI prevention training and assessment course.

Includes a printable assessment form.

Ask about other training courses

We are currently creating a full range of structured hydraulic training courses. Please let us know if you'd like to receive pre-release versions or have someone present an 'in house' training courses.

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Structure of each course

Each course contains lesson plan (PDF), presentation for the classroom (PPT) and online quiz.

A typical syllabus includes:

  • Subject title and skill level
  • Terminology review
  • Expected outcomes
  • Examples from industry
  • Resources and links that support learning
  • Interactive quiz
  • Summary of points discussed
  • Recommendation for further activities