Pump Design Type Exercises

Find out more about the different hydraulic pumps

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Suggested exercises and observations

1. Study the datasheets for a gear pump, mobile and industrial piston pump. Here are some sample datasheets although we recommend you equipment you are familiar with if possible. Gear pump datasheet, Mobile piston datasheet, Industrial piston pump datasheet.

♦ Compare the range of displacement that are available with each pump; note how the maximum pressure and speed changes with the different displacements.

♦ Select a displacement that is common with all pumps.

♦ Compare the maximum pressure ratings for each pump type.

♦ Compare the maximum speed ratings for each pump type; note also how it changes for different displacements.

2. If you are working on a specific project example, consider the requirements for your specification and select the most appropriate pump with reference to the list of items in the 'How to specify section'.

♦ Write down your justifications for how the pump satisfies each specification requirement.

Experiment 1: Different designs of hydraulic pump will have different maximum pressure capabilities.

Question 1: Put the different pump types in order of pressure capability with lowest pressure rating first?

gerotor, gear pump, vane pump, mobile piston pump and industrial piston pump and radial piston pump

Experiment 2: Different designs of hydraulic pump will have different operating life capabilities.

Question 2: Put the different pump types in order of operating life duration?

Service life depends on duty cycle, operating environment, maintenance and many other conditions. So it's impossible to say which pump will fail first.

Experiment 3: Piston pumps and motors require a third, case drain leakage line.

Question 3: What would happen inside the pump or motor casing if there was a restriction or pressure in the case drain line?

Any pressure in the case drain line will be felt inside the pump or motor casing and could result in shaft seal leakage or damage.