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We are the ONLY site using interactive, hydraulic test rig simulations. Providing skill-based training and expert advice.

Join the many Companies,Colleges, and individuals following our courses.

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1. Let the Skill Planner find the best course.
2. Choose a Lesson plan to suit your needs.
3. Quick fundamentals tutorials.
4. Experiment on virtual hydraulic test rigs.
5. Get detailed advice with videos, graphics, and text examples.
6. Fun quizzes re-enforce key principles.
7. Visual hydraulic calculators.
8. Troubleshooting, repair and design guides.

Interactive training 24/7 via website or phone app.

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Interactive training tools

Choose from our huge list of hydraulic training courses, videos, simulations and animations, or read our hydraulic explanations, tips, and advice. Includes fundamental principles, hydraulic pumps, motors, control valves, power units, actuators, maintenance, system design, strategies and much more!

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Service + Repair Calculators

Advanced hydraulic engneering calculators to help you design, troubleshoot, service or repair hydraulic systems and components. Includes power units, cylinders, valve, pipes, fittings, and hoses.

Hydraulic Design Guides

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