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Want to learn about hydraulics? Select a fluid power course here.

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Modern design aids and calculators to help you understand, create, analyse.

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Free online hydraulic training

Choose from our full list of hydraulic training courses covering all levels. Includes fundamental hydraulic principles, hydraulic pumps, motors, control valves, power units, actuators, maintenance, system design, strategies and much more!

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Educational approach

Free text base information covering all levels of hydraulics, if you're happy to teach yourself.
For video instruction, interactive experiments, structured courses and multiple choices quizzes, there is a small membership fee.
Certificates to qualifications coming soon. Or contact our experts for specialist hydraulics advice.

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Hydraulic valves

Hydraulic System Design Guides

Advanced calculators and design guides that will help you specify the best hydraulic components. Includes power units, cylinder system, pipework and hydraulic hose.

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Hydraulic Design Guides

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