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Gary Molton CEng. MI Mech E

Engineering Adventures has been run by Gary Molton CEng since 1998 producing CD-Roms, websites and now interactive website and mobile phone applications.

Engineering Adventures create engineering product simulations that allow users to experiment with working systems or equipment. Why not let us create a simulation of your products.

This site has been created to provide others with a broad understanding of hydraulics and pass on over 30 years of experience.

Over 30 years hydraulic industry experience

Gary Molton has many years of experience working for some of the biggest companies in the hydraulics industry. His career has covered a wide range of disciplines including hydraulic pump and valve design to complete system design for steel mills, industrial and civil applications as well as mobile OEM and defence vehicles.

Hydraulic simulation has been a key focus throughout his career, having written all of the training simulations on this site and worked with LMS to improve the range of models for the AMESim simulation program.

Gary has also sat on the BFPA TC9 'systems' technical committee.

Companies worked for

Babcock Integrated Technology Ltd

Parker Hannifin Ltd

Mannesmann Rexroth Ltd

Sauer Sundstrand Ltd

Armada Marine Hydraulics Ltd

While running Engineering Adventures Ltd Gary completed software applications for the British Fluid Power Association, BVAA, Sun Hydraulics Ltd, New Holland, Emerson and many more.

Research work

Research in conjunction with Cranfield to design a contamination resistant control valve.

Noise testing at Bath University and later with facilities set up at Sauer Sundstrand to develop a new design of gear pump producing 90% less low noise without any extra parts; presenting papers in the UK and US low noise pump design.

Component design and development

Designed and developed a range of gear pumps and control valves for mobile equipment including fan drive and steering systems.

Development projects have included research, design, development and testing right through to production release.

Worked on 700bar piston pump production issues.

OEM system design

Developed a replacement for the original Massey Ferguson hitch control system using a closed loop hydraulic and electronic control system.

Designed and developed hydraulic systems for a range of defence vehicles including bridgelayers, excavators, missile launchers hydrostatic transmission and power-assisted door systems.

Marine experience includes azimuth drives and various super yachts to small vessels systems.

Hydraulic simulation and mathematical modelling

Gary has used many different mathematical modelling systems over the years including AMESim hydraulic modelling system; he also worked closely with LMS to develop an improved range of hydraulic valve models.

Large project management

Gary has successfully run projects of all sizes from single pump changes on tractors to major line replacements in steel mills worth over £400000. Typical steel industry contracts would be between £100,000 to £300,000. one year of employment a total value of twelve contracts were handled worth over £1,750,000.00. Each project was handled through quotation, design, manufacture, delivery and commissioning.

Other technical expertise includes

Open and closed loop control systems using both and proportional valves.

Fabrication and structural design including basic stress calculations and FEA.

Thermal balancing calculations

Electronic control system design including analogue, digital, EMC and CANBUS.

Hydraulic system designs worked on


Refuse truck, hydrostatic transmission, closed loop hydraulic and electronic hitch control systems, mobile control block and sectional valve designs. Steering and braking systems.

Steel Plant

Servo systems, AGC, Wrapper rolls, Roll load, Bending, Sideguides

Auxiliary systems, Hot mills, cold mills, Walking beams, A&P lines, Continuous casters.


Excavators, front loader systems, fan drive systems, door assist systems, ride height controls, remote braking and steering system, bridgelayers, trailer mounted flushing rig.


Tidal Barriers, Sluice gates, Lock gates, Lifting bridge


Submarines, Azimuth drive, Super-yacht utility circuits, Industrial shipping maintenance, Closed loop speed control for stern thruster, Dredger and tug controls.

Power generation

Nuclear gas spring actuators


Paper making machines, Stacker reclaimer, Production line refurbishment, Servo test bench, Presses, Low noise PU with enclosures

Installation and commissioning

No hydraulics career is possible without getting your hands dirty and do a wide range of support , installation and commissioning work.

Multimedia software design

Gary ran his own multimedia design company for several years producing engineering eLearning simulations for companies such as New Holland, Sun Hydraulics, BFPA, BVAA etc.

He worked closely with the educational games industry to research the most effective approach for training simulations. He currently runs a number of busy websites and produces some applications for PCs and mobile phones.

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