Symbols Experiment

Look at system circuits to understand how they work.

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Hydraulic circuit simulation experiments

There are interactive experiments in each symbol. Complete these modules before proceeding to the additional circuit simulations below.

Additional exercise links

1. Look at a range of different circuits via the following links:

Mobile system circuits

Industrial system circuits

Supply system circuits

Safety system circuits

Load control system circuits

2. Build and test your own circuits using the hydraulic circuit builder software.

3. Draw a simple hydraulic circuit using the appropriate symbols to explain the following system:

♦ A vertical cylinder with a simple mass load.

♦ An industrial 4 way, 3 position, solenoid operated directional spool valve suitable for a fixed displacement pump.

♦ A simple PO check sandwich slice valve.

♦ A single meter out flow control valve.

♦ A fixed displacement pump.

♦ A direct acting pressure relief valve for overpressure protection.