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Learn how hydraulic systems work by operating circuit simulations

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Online hydraulic simulation program

Build and test your own circuits or experiment with a range of hydraulic circuit examples. Simply select a circuit, operate the valves and see what happens. We've built a number of exercises to demonstrate what you should and should not do.

You can test a range of hydraulic components or enter your own equipment sizes to investigate how systems work. We also provide a number of guided simulation exercises within our training courses that demonstrate the features and performance of a range of hydraulic circuits.

Free Hydraulics Simulation _ Pro Hydraulics Simulation

Learn how to operate the hydraulic simulation program

Online hydraulic simulation program demo

This simulation program is still being extended and improved with new features and circuits being added. Let us know if you want to add one of your circuits.

We recommend the downloadable version from the pro section of this site. The exe version is generally more robust and allows you to save and load your own circuits (always check you have the latest release against the online version).

Additional Information

This hydraulic simulation program will allow you to operate and test a range of hydraulic components. You can see how they perform and even look inside to see the flows and pressures.

The program has been designed as a training tool that is simple to use, and difficult to make mistakes. Most traditional simulation programs require much more data to be inputted and are not suitable for people who don't have significant hydraulic experienced. The drawback is that it will not show accurate accelerations and deceleration results although it will be less likely to go unstable and give false data.

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