Hydraulic Pumps Models

How to set up a hydraulic pump simulation

Set the variable displacement pump performance data

variable pump data

Left click on the pump model to open its settings.

Pump types are selected from the drop-down list.

Port size, in mm, is included in the system pressure losses.

Pump flow sets the maximum L/min. Variable pumps will drop below this once the set pressure has been reached.

Max. P. is the compensator set pressure for a variable displacement pump.

Fixed displacement pump performance data

fixed pump

Pump flow will always be constant for a fixed displacement pump.

Max. P. is the highest pressure the pump should ever see although it only explodes when a slightly higher value has been exceeded.

Reservoir or pressure source

reservoir model

The reservoir object contains a port size and nominal pressure level. The port size will result in higher pressure with higher flows. The pressure level can be used to replicate filter, cooler pressure drops or pressurised reservoirs.

The tank model can be used to replicate a constant pressure source although we have not fully tested this at this stage.