Find your design priorities

Investigate your own equipment priorities

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Suggested exercises and observations

1. Identify a hydraulic system in your company or use the scissor lift design project example. Review the priorities that were applied by the hydraulic equipment designers.

• Identify which market sector your valves and equipment are in.

• Discuss the duty cycle and reliability requirements will affect the life expectancy of the equipment.

• Compare the equipment costs or budgets with similar designs or other equipment.

• Discuss the quality of control (movement) by looking at accuracy or performance provided.

• Consider how leakage losses or system efficiencies affect performance or overall running costs and might be improved.

• Consider how maintenance requirements or access difficulties may affect the life of the equipment and overall running costs.

• Consider how appropriate the design is for the environment and whether its design limits the different situations it could be used in.

2. Produce a hydraulic system specification to meet the priorities for this or your own design of equipment or scissor lift example. Consider the priorities you need and consider how your specification needs to be written to ensure you receive the appropriate components.

• Create a priority list for your own scissor lift or equipment design and then create a full equipment specification.

• Discuss which components you will need for this the market sectors and how your specification might define this.

• Discuss how the specification will ensure the design achieves your required duty cycle, environmental, and operating conditions.

• Discuss how production volumes and manufacturing lead times will affect the design of the equipment used and therefore the specification.