Hydraulic Circuit Simulation

Experiment with the valves in this circuit simulation

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Operate the hydraulic simulation components

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Suggested exercises and observations

1. Step through each of the frames using the PLAY button. Look at the range of different valves available.

2. Select 'Experiment with the valves' from the drop down menu

♦ Operate the directional valve using the arrow buttons. Watch how the valve drives the cylinder up and down.

♦ Operate the flow control valves using the arrow buttons. Watch how the cylinder speed changes as the orifice diameter changes.

♦ Stop the cylinder at mid position. Click the recirculate button above the check valves. Watch how the cylinder gradually falls without a poppet valve to stop it.

Experiment 1: Directional valves control the direction in which the fluid flows.

Question 1: What valves do you use to control the cylinder speed?

Flow control valves regulate the rate of fluid flow and therefore cylinder speeds.

Experiment 2: Directional valves have moving spool elements that allow fluid to leak past and actuators to slowly move.

Question 2: What valves do you use to stop cylinders creeping?

Poppet check valves