Build a power unit

Practice building your a hydraulic power unit

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Hydraulic power unit build example

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Suggested exercises and observations

1. Submit a maintenance plan for the scissor lift project, or an alternative piece of equipment being used in your working project or business. Identify which components you will monitor, and describing how and why you will maintain them.

2. Discuss the expected service life of the power unit design selected and whether providing extra filtration and temperature control facilities would be cost-effective over the expected life of the equipment.

3. Explain when it might be appropriate to use a simple, mini-power unit and also when the intermediate power unit is most appropriate. Discuss the reasons why the mini-power unit might overheat or suffer from too much contamination and what effect this may have on service life.

Experiment 1: Filters can be placed in the suction line, pressure line, return line or offline circuit.

Question 1: Which is the best location for a filter?

It depends on the equipment and how it is used.

Experiment 2: Air breathers let air into the reservoir when the cylinder extends and out when it retracts.

Question 2: How do keep the air coming into the reservoir clean?

Make sure there is an air filter cleaning the air as it enters the reservoir.

Experiment 3: It is necessary to maintain a stable fluid temperature so that the fluid does not get damaged.

Question 3: How do you maintain a stable temperature if the system has no cooler?

Don't operate the system for long periods. You only need a cooler to stop it from getting too hot.