PU Maintenance Examples

Power Unit Design Maintenance Examples

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Power Unit Design Example 1

Power unit maintenance

This power unit has little attention paid to maintenance and is primarily a low cost, limited duty, fully replaceable item.

Good features include: It has a suction filter and is self-contained to replace easily.

Poor features: Contains NO - pressure or air filter, speed control, temperature control or condition monitoring equipment.

Power Unit Design Example 2

Hydraulic power unit maintenance

Good features: Reservoir has a temperature, filter clogging and level warnings with good shape and access points. Return line filter and cooler provide fluid conditioning while active. Test points and new fluid fill points.

Poor features: Return filter and cooler require system flow to operate. Pump suction may not always be a positive head. No high-level fluid warning.

Power Unit Design Example 3

Hydraulic power unit maintenance

Good features: Positive pump suction head, offline fluid conditioning circuit, full temperature and level monitoring, effective reservoir layout, fill point.

Poor features: No electrical offline filter monitoring.