Accumulator testing

Experiment with hydraulic accumulators

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Accumulator performance calculation

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Suggested exercises and observations

1. Practice charging an accumulator under safely monitored, workshop conditions.

♦ Follow the manufacturer's instructions using the recommended charging kit.

Experiment 1: Accumulators nitrogen pressure will change with temperature.

Question 1: Is it necessary to use a conversion chart to ensure you set the correct gas pressure for the current ambient temperature?

Possibly. Often the local factory temperature does not change significantly and the variation in performance is not that great. However, some applications are critical or subject to large atmospheric temperature changes. Always check with the manufacturer documentation or use check calculations for local conditions.

Experiment 2: It is a legal requirement to include a drain down safety block on all storge accumulators.

Question 2: Must all accumulators include a safety block?

No. Provided a dynamic accumulator will drain down naturally when the system is stopped, then no safety block is required.

Experiment 3: Accumulators are considered pressure storage vessels and must, therefore, comply with EU's PED, US's ASME legislation.

Question 3: Is it OK to adjust the safety block relief valve?

No. Safety blocks have certified and sealed relief valves. They are manufacturer set and replacement only.