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How to write your own tip booklet training module

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How to write your own RSS news feeds

Writing RSS files is easy. Simply download DB to HTML software and build using the RSS template.

Make Money From Selling Your Own eBooks

Do You Have 110 Good Tips

If you have some good, original tips then let us produce a tip module that will display them via our training screen saver. We can also add it into our on-line shop so that you will earn you a worthwhile commission from any sales we make.

You will also be able to sell the tip module yourself and use it to promote yourself as the subject expert.

Promote your products, business or services

We can produce tip or training modules containing almost any information you require.

We charge a small fee to produce the modules (£225 for 25 tips, £395 for 110) but then you can give this away or sell it to anyone you wish.

Low Cost Advertising

In many cases these 'free tips' will be given away free from our, and other, web sites thus allowing you to spread your message to a wide audience of potential new customers.

Pick The Book You Want

Take a look at the tip booklets at Tip Products International . Simply pick the title you would like and we will convert it into our training screensaver format.

Content Specification

Tip Modules

The tip version allows 158 characters of text (including spaces) in the first section of text and 395 characters of text (including spaces) in the second section. The pictures and text usually run in sequence together although the software compensates for running different numbers of each.

Any number of pictures can be included and they will always be shown along side their respective tip entry while number sequences permit.

Training Modules

The training version allows only 79 characters of text (including spaces) and shows the same picture with each piece of text i.e. no overlap of picture/text numbers is allowed.


Pictures can be virtually any size although it is recommended that you use *.jpg format at around 180 by 135 pixels.

All pictures should be compressed as much as the quality will allow in order to keep the module file size down.

Learn From The Expert

Training on how to write a tip booklet is available from Paulette Ensign at Tip Products International .