Screensaver features

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RSS news feeds

Add your favourite RSS news feeds add read the latest updates whenever your screensaver is working. Or write your own RSS news feeds and deliver them via this screensaver to your clients.

RSS Tip Mode

Displays a range of free power learning tips provided on a range of serious and amusing subjects. Each training module has been written by a leading subject expert and we are the only screensaver to offer such a comprehensive and powerful range of training information.

Personal Reminder Features


Birthdays & Anniversary Reminders

Lets you know about birthdays from 7 seven days before they arrive. Your text is displayed and flowers grow from the bottom of the screen.

Business Dates Reminders

Lets you know about business dates from 7 seven days before they arrive. Your text is displayed and an object moves across the screen.

Special Events Reminder

Event diary modules are a simple but effective way to make sure you know about local activities, club meetings, sporting events, training courses or anything that a module has been designed for.

Personal Picture Displays


Picture Only Mode

Add up to 110 of your own pictures and they will be randomly displayed throughout the day.

Financial Date Monitor

Accountancy Key Financial Date Reminder

Our FINANCIAL DATE MONITOR is designed for accountancy firms who want to better serve their clients. This screensaver or application allows companies or businesses to enter their year-end date and then informs them of all key financial deadlines such as PAYE, VAT, Corporation Tax, Accounts Filing etc. by printout or via the screensaver.

World data monitor

Access information from around the world

This world data monitor comes as a screensaver and/or application that allows people to investigate different countries by moving the mouse over the country or selecting it from a drop down list. This version includes information on 83 countries from GDP and population to the amount of milk they drink.

The same program was provided as a utility program and screensaver for roughly the same price that only one would have cost.