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Introducing the easiest way to learn

Screen savers have been shown to be 4-5 times as effective at ensuring that people retain information than other methods of learning. They repeatedly, passively, feed the user with information in a way that is pleasant and conducive to remembering.

Training takes place as each person goes about their daily work or talks on the telephone, thus reducing the need to participate in expensive off site training courses.

Many great features included

Our training screen saver also contains a diary function to remind people of their personal and important dates. It also allows people to enter their own private photographs if they wish. However, the program comes pre-installed with training information in the form of RSS text feeds.

Additional training or tip modules can be installed as required. These can be emailed to people or downloaded from web sites. There will soon be many more, different training and tip modules available covering a wide range of subjects although any RSS feed will work.

The events section will also allow you download list of events such as sporting fixtures or training courses.

On computers that are networked together, e.g. on a company Intranet, the information can be controlled centrally, by one person. This can be used to advise whole companies of new product releases, new employees or important visitors, for example.

This screensaver seldom gets removed

Because our interactive screen saver allows the user to customise each program with their own pictures and dates. They will never want to remove it, thus ensuring they always see your logo.

Daily advertising forever

All commercial screen savers ensure that the logo of the company for which it has been produced can never be removed. This will be presented randomly throughout each day.

Ease of Use

As with all of our applications each program is very easy to use and requires no training.