Hydraulic system design guides

Tools to help design, specify, and test, hydraulic system

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Things You Will Learn

Our hydraulic system design guides will help users specify the loads, cylinders, valves, power units and pipework. They will allow users to select and size components from a drop-down list and modify or warn about issues with the rest of the system.

Each design guide will export a .csv file (registered users only) containing the recommended component sizes that the user can enter into a spreadsheet to back-up the final calculation evidence. These files should also contain enough information for suppliers to accurately quote the appropriate hydraulic equipment.

If you are a hydraulic equipment supplier and would like to add your data for each component and receive enquiries for equipment in your area then please contact us.

Hydraulic cylinder/valve design guide

cylinder design guide

This application will guide you through the design of a hydraulic valve and cylinder system. Features include:

  • Specifying the load and sizing the cylinder.
  • Checking cylinder rod buckling against its mounting
  • Accessing valve pressure drops against flow requirements
  • Checking the system natural frequency and dynamics
  • Completing a load balance for checking under all operating conditions.

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Hydraulic power unit design guide

power unit design guide

This application will guide you through the design of a hydraulic power unit. Features include:

  • Specifying the input loads against output loads
  • Checking performance against all operating conditions and efficiencies
  • Adding specific electric motor and pump data
  • Checking the reservoir sizing and thermal performance
  • Specifying cooling capacity

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Hydraulic hose register builder

hose register builder

The hydraulic hose register software is a clear and simple tool for identifying your hydraulic hose.

It allows you to create a complete list of your hoses in a format you can transfer into an excel spreadsheet.

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Hydraulic Pipework Sizing

pipework sizing

This application will size the correct pipework for your application. Features include:

  • Sizing the pipework for fluid velocity
  • Sizing the pipework for pressure rating
  • Recommending the appropriate fitting size

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Applies to the following areas

This module applies to both mobile and industrial applications although mobile equipment is likely to be so finely balanced that it will require development testing to ensure performance limits.

Target Audience

People who are responsible for hydraulic equipment in the following ways:

Managing or purchasing hydraulic equipment.

Maintenance Engineers repairing hydraulic equipment.

Hydraulic equipment designs.

Previous knowledge required

Students are expected to be familiar with:

1. The operation of hydraulic fluid power equipment.

2. Understand hydraulic components and where they are used.

3. Able to read hydraulic circuit and their symbols.