Circuit simulation experiment

Experiment with a virtual hydraulic test rig

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Hydraulic circuit simulation

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Suggested exercises and observations

Constant load forces

1. Select Free>3 Cylinder Speed Control, from the drop-down list.

♦ Click on the cylinder rod to open the setup box.

♦ Note how the cylinder is horizontal so the mass will not generate pressure.

♦ Note how the force is acting on the bore so the cylinder moves while the directional valve is still inactive.

♦ Drag the test gauge over the cylinder body, this will display the pressure and flow values.

♦ Operate the directional valve to move the cylinder and observe the load pressure on the cylinder in both directions.

♦ Click on the flow control valves and change the orifice areas. Operate the directional valve to see the effect on the cylinder pressures.

Mass loads

♦ Reduce the load force and change the angle of the cylinder to observe the effect on the cylinder pressures.

♦ Experiment with the flow control orifice sizes required when the mass is pushing onto the cylinder rod and pulling it down e.g. 90 and -90 degrees.

Frictional loads

♦ Reduce the mass on the cylinder and increase the friction to above the driving force. ♦ Observe what happens to the movement while the directional valve is inactive.

♦ Operate the directional valve and observe how friction affects the cylinder pressures in both directions.