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Hydraulic Power Tests

Experiment with this fluid power simulation

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Build a hydraulic power unit

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Suggested exercises and observations

1. Select folder tab menu 1 (Hydraulic power)

♦ Adjust the pump displacement and observe how the flow rate and input power change.

♦ Adjust the load pressure and observe how input power changes.

♦ Adjust the motor efficiency and observe how the input power would have to change for the output performance to be maintained.

Experiment 1: Hydraulic system losses are likely to include friction, leakage, pressure drops, and heat.

Question 1: Do losses remain the same at all operating temperatures and pressures?

No. They can vary under greatly under extreme operating conditions but should remain reasonably consistent under normal operating conditions.

Experiment 2: Output torque can be calculated from the pressure acting on a hydraulic motor and it's displacement.

Question 2: Will the torque increase or decrease if a larger motor size is fitted?

Output torque would increase but a higher input power may be required to facilitate this. Or the motor would run slower.

Experiment 3: As hydraulic components reach the end of their design life their overall efficiency can drop.

Question 3: What might indicate if a component is in need of replacement?

Leakage flows may increase and/or operating temperatures increase.