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Modern hydraulics and pneumatics applications


The modern day applications of hydraulics and pneumatics are extremely diverse.

Mobile applications


Using fluid power to transport, excavate, lift materials, to control and power mobile vehicles:

  • tractors;
  • diggers;
  • graders;
  • truck brakes and suspensions;
  • tippers and tail lifts for commercial vehicles;
  • road maintenance vehicles;
  • fork-lift trucks;
  • excavators and cranes.

Industrial applications


Using fluid power to control and power industrial machinery:

  • plastics machinery;
  • machine tools;
  • food processing machinery;
  • robots and automatic handling equipment;
  • assembly equipment;
  • mining machinery;
  • steel works.

Other applications


Other applications include:-

  • automotive - suspensions, brakes, steering;
  • aerospace - rudders, ailerons, aircraft servicing, flight simulators;
  • marine - drives and controls of ships;
  • off-shore - oil-rig and sub-sea inspection equipment;
  • civil engineering - dams and bridges;
  • theatre and leisure - stage controls, fairground and leisure park rides;
  • medical - hospital beds and operating tables.