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Fluid power ensures safety, guarantees quality and reliability and reduces costs.



Safety is of vital importance in air and space travel, in the production and operation of motor vehicles, in mining and in the manufacture of delicate products. For example, hydraulic and pneumatic systems are used to assist the steering and braking of cars, lorries and buses. Hydraulic control systems and landing gear are responsible for the safety of take-off, landing and flight of aeroplanes and space craft. Rapid advances in mining and tunnelling are the result of the application of modern hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Reliability and precision


Reliability and precision are needed in a wide range of industrial applications where consumers are increasingly demanding higher quality.

Pneumatic and hydraulic handling, clamping and robot welding systems ensure high output and productivity in, for example, car manufacture.

In plastics production, the combination of hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics enables fully automatic production at consistent quality with a high degree of precision.

Pneumatic systems play a key role in processes where hygiene and accuracy are of utmost importance - for example, in pharmaceutical production.

Cost reduction


Cost reduction is a vital factor in ensuring the competitiveness of an industrial nation.

Advanced technology must be economical and fluid power provides the answer. Examples include the widespread use of hydraulically controlled fork lift trucks in industry, the application of advanced machine tools and automated production process equipment, modern hydraulic excavators, construction equipment and harvesting machinery.

In the handling of materials, hydraulic systems enable large volumes of, for example, sand and coal to be moved quickly and easily by one person.