Display screen image

  • Is the display image clear with the characters easily readable?
  • Is the screen free from glare and/or reflections?
  • Is the screen position adjustable?
  • Are the brightness and/or contrast adjustable?
  • Is the image stable? i.e. no flicker or movement?

Keyboard position and usage

  • Is the keyboard comfortable and easy to use?
  • Is the keyboard angle adjustable?
  • Are the keys easily legible?
  • Is the keyboard glare free?

Chair design

  • Is the chair stable enough?
  • Is the chair height adjustable?
  • Is the chair back support sufficient?

Furniture ergonomics

  • Is the work surface large enough to complete the range of tasks to be performed?
  • Is the work surface free from reflections or glare?
  • Can the correct, comfortable seating position be achieved?

Surrounding environment

  • Is there enough room to change position or vary movements?
  • Is the level of light sufficient?
  • Is the temperature comfortable?
  • Is the level of noise comfortable?
  • Does the air quality feel satisfactory, e.g. humidity?
  • Is the working environment free from reflections and glare?

Software operation

  • Are the software tasks comfortable to use?

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