LRS Data Types

Learn what the results data means

Information posting details

Actor Name - This is the student name and email link

Verb Display - Verbs explain how much of the course has been attempted or completed. Not all courses give measurable results so this is presented as a list of verbs. Here is a quick summary but there is more detail later.

  • Checked in = they have opened the app.
  • Accessed = 5-25% viewed or complete.
  • Consumed = 25 - 50% viewed or complete.
  • Experienced = 50-75% viewed or complete.
  • Completed = 100% viewed or complete.

Please note that most of the virtual equipment simulations do not have a fixed number of questions, so providing an accurate completion percentage is not possible. In these cases, a high round figure is used e.g. 50 or 100 and we recommend you simply compare class results or look at the time spent, and the total number of interactions as a guide to how much work has been done.

Object Activity Name - Represents the screen frame where the quiz or experiments were measured

Object Activity Description - Is the unique course taken within the activity frame e.g. HV00 the hydraulic valves quiz questions.

Result Completion - We don't say whether students have passed or failed because life long learning means you should always be getting better.

Result Duration - This is an important measure of the time spent in each application frame. We use the ISO standard format PT3H23M15S which translates to 3 hours, 23 minutes, and 15 seconds

Result Response - Can be the skill level the quiz was working at or another general comment on the results performance.

Score Max - This is the maximum number of questions in a quiz that were available to have been taken. It may also be the maximum number of button pushes that were expected although this can be just a high number to make allow a reasonable scaled score to be calculated.

Score Min - This is always zero

Score Raw - This is the number of correct, YES answers in a quiz or interactive experiment. Alternately it will be the number of button clicks (solenoid or switching to different exercises) to show how much the student has interacted with the simulation

Score Scaled - This is a percentage figure shown between 0 and 1. The value is calculated from the ratio of correct to incorrect results e.g. Yes/(Yes+No). You should always consider the actual number of questions attempted or look at the verb classification as this shows the ratio of yes answers to total questions available.

Data Privacy

All results sent to your LMS or LRS systems are completely private. No data is saved to our database or sent to other record stores. The only place to receive this data will be the LRS endpoint you enter the address for.