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Features provided by

User flow

  • High search traffic volumes for a wide range of hydraulic keywords.
  • Regular press and social media postings with a rapidly growing list of 'ikes' and 'followers'.
  • Visitors regularly return to use calculators and design guides.
  • Rapidly growing number of mobile phone app users.
  • Customisable phone app displaying partner websites.
  • Users visit at key times when planning new designs.
  • User enquiries fed back to appropriate suppliers is one of the highest ranked and busiest sites in the hydraulic equipment market. Join our partner program to benefit from the resources and user enquiries.

Partners Receive

  • A rebranded version of the mobile app with multiple links to your company website.
  • Relevant leads from design guides and feedback forms.
  • Potential for custom website apps to run in your website.
  • Potential to add your products in e4training design guides and simulations.
  • Website links as one of our recommended suppliers.
  • Potential to include your own product training materials.
  • Free access to all training resources.

Mobile Phone Rebrands

We will supply you with a unique username and password that you can pass on to your clients. This will unlock the standard Hydraulic Phone App and convert it to a version with your company branding, a menu list with your preferred links to embed website pages within the app, and all 'Find a Supplier' links returning to your company website only.

The number of individual unlocks are monitored and can be stopped or started at any time. Partners will be charged by user or can let each user pay for their own unlock, following a small setup fee.

New customer lead potential

Both the mobile phone and website apps contain a number of design guides to help users to identify and specify the components they need. These applications produce enough detail for suppliers to quote against, including the user contact details. e4training partners will receive details of appropriate enquiries from users who have not independently purchased the app.

How to add your product training materials

Provided training materials are educational rather than marketing information, we will consider them for inclusion with this site's training materials. Decisions will be based on quality and helped if video and interactive media is included.

Website link potential

The website and standard versions of the phone app contain a list of recommended suppliers. Partner firms will be included in these lists.

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