1930 Steam Locomotive Simulation

Learn to drive a typical Hall/Castle/Black five steam engine

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Steam locomotive simulation

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Steam engine driving controls

REGULATOR - Equivalent to a car's throttle, this controls the locomotive's speed.

Pull down (anti-clockwise) to increase the flow of steam to the cylinders.

FIREDOOR (secondary air) - The fire doors effect the supply of air to fire.

Must be open to load coal. Keep closed for maximum efficiency.

COAL - Coal provides the energy to drive the locomotive. Use it efficiently.

Click on the coal to load a maximum of 4kg every 4 seconds.

DAMPERS (primary air) - Control the air supply through the fire and heating efficiency.

Pull lever back to increase the air flow and watch the smoke colour change.

WATER VALVE - Allows water from the tender to the boiler.

Click the lever down to open the valve, don't forget the live steam valve.

INJECTOR - Forces water into the boiler by using power from a live steam injector.

Click the left side of the handle to increase flow and the right to reduce flow.

SAND VALVE - Lays sand on the track to improve traction while starting or braking.

Click to the left to open. Improves grip in the wet only.

WATER LEVEL - The water level must always be visible to avoid serious damage.

Open the water valve and live steam injectors to fill the boiler.

PRESSURE GAUGE - Shows the boiler pressure that is available.

Insufficient pressure in the yellow zone. Waisting energy in the red zone.

BRAKE LEVER - Provides gradual brake pressure control as shown by the gauge.

From right = park, running, neutral, apply, apply quicker, emergency.

DRAIN VALVE - Cylinders must be drained before moving to avoid damage.

Click forward to drain the cylinders and then click upright to close again.

CUTOFF - Controls the % of stroke for which the cylinders receive steam.

Upright is zero, right is forward and left is reverse. Try 75% to start and 25% running.

BLOWER - Assists the air flow through the fire when stationary or in tunnels.

Click right to open when stationary or in tunnels. Not required while running.

SOUND - Toggles the sounds on and off.

EXIT - Finish driving and return to the waiting room.

SETUP - Return to the locomotive setup screen.

Coal, temperature, weather, weight, journey and automatic mode setup.

WHISTLE - is a key part of the safety equipment and must be used correctly.

The angle of the whistle indicates the engine's acceleration or deceleration.