6 Steps to Effective eLearning

Learn about the latest online learning techniques

6 Steps to Effective Engineering Education

New software developments mean we can provide the targeted focus of teachers with the interactive experiments of video games and the low-cost delivery of online learning. Watch this video to understand the 6 basic requirements for achieving effective online learning.

Step 1 - User control of presentations

Allow the user to control the depth and pace of the lesson. Simple navigation and sequence control will allow students to quickly find the information that is relevant to them and spend as much time as they need to learn and understand each topic.

Step 2 - Spoken advice

We all understand and retain information better when someone explains it to us. Spoken advice is a vital part of any training program.

Step 3 - Text and video reinforcement

Different people learn in different ways. Online learning can easily provide text and video-based information to allow users to receive or extend their knowledge in the way most suited to themselves.

Step 4 - Serious game exercises

Serious games or short interactive exercises make online learning fun and engaging and small competitions against colleges can significantly help to ensure the information is understood and retained.

Step 5 - Simulation experiments

Allowing students to design and operate real product simulations can be more effective than spending time operating the real machines. There are no safety issues, the system can be changed instantly, the students can look inside components and then measure results from any part of the system.

Step 6 - Interactive test or quizzes

Interactive tests can be used to reinforce learning as well as providing instant feedback on how well students have understood.

Keeping costs low with spreadsheet-driven content

Most of Engineering Adventures' software tools are driven by a simple spreadsheet containing the list of content information. This means that course creators can very quickly and easily enter their text, picture name, links, questions and answers, into a spreadsheet and the software will decide how best to layout the information out and how to respond to the user's decisions.

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