Careers in Fluid Power

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If you are interested in a career in fluid power and would like more information, contact the BFPA on telephone 01608 647900. or look at the jobs available on their webiste.

Ross Dallimore


Ross began as an apprentice in 1995, now working in Chicago, supporting Sterling Hydraulics’ integration into CAT Joliet programs.

'This is a first for CAT and Sterling. The engineers at CAT have been welcoming and very supportive' - Ross Dallimore, 26.

Wide range of career options

Design Engineers

Responsible for designing products and fluid power systems.

Sales Engineers

Providing help and technical advise to sell products that meet a specific requirement.

Service Engineers

Assembles, services, maintains, repairs and tests fluid power equipment.

Fluid Power Engineer

Applies fluid power theory to test and modify development or operational fluid power systems.

Product / Marketing Manager

Responsible for developing and coordinating plans and programmes to launch, establish and maximise sales of products and systems.


Marketing the products of fluid power component and system manufacturers, providing local service and supply.

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