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Learn how to design hydraulic equipment

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What design engineers need to know

It is vital that system designers understand all aspects of our training before attempting any designs of their own. Please remember, very little is new these days and we always recommend copying or adapting designs that already have a proven history in the field. Our content includes many circuit examples and standard practices that are essential to follow. Moving away from accepted standards can be very risky but most of the time there are several ways the same functions can be achieved and it's simply a matter of selecting the one that best suits your cost, performance, and reliability requirements.

Budding designers must be aware that the experienced engineers, who develop new components or systems, will have a much higher level of knowledge than we have included in this site. Every industry, component or system will have individual subject experts and today's manufacturers have efficient knowledge pathways that feed any difficult design issues back to the subject experts with the skills to deliver them. Always ask your component suppliers if you are not certain how things might work.

Design engineer lesson plans