Hydraulic technician training

Learn how to maintain hydraulic equipment safely

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Target users

This course is for people who work on or maintain hydraulic equipment.

Content is provided for technicians who need to replace or adjust components, up to those who need to diagnose, repair, or even replace valves to extend the system performance.

What maintenance engineers need to know

There are no short cuts for repair and maintenance technicians. You probably need to know everything covered by this site with the exception that you may have a specialisation in either mobile or industrial equipment. As well as a solid understanding of the basic components and fundamental principles you will need to know the detailed information on setup, duty factors, tips and tricks, and common faults etc. This means understanding how the internal components of each valve work.

Maintenance engineers should benefit from studying all lesson plans although they may wish to focus on only the mobile or industrial sector, or only certain machine types etc.

Work through the complete list of lesson plans here.