Hydraulic hose register

The easy way to identify and list your hydraulic hoses

Identify, specify and get the best price for hydraulic hose. Use this simple tool to make a list your hydraulic hose to send for quotation.

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What this program does

The hydraulic hose register software provides a clear and simple tool for identifying your hydraulic hose.

It allows you to create a complete list of your hoses in a format you can transfer into an excel spreadsheet.

How to use the hydraulic hose register

Top menu group give the type of hose.

Select the standard or code and size from the markings shown on the side of the hose.

Middle menu group defines the fittings.

Select the fittings from the drop down lists. An image of the fitting selected, along with some key dimensions, well appear below your selection.

Lower menu group defines the individual hose details.

Add an Item number and press 'CTRL+' and 'CTRL-' to change the step size.

Add your hose length and click the 'inch/mm' button to switch units.

Use the long comments box to identify any manufacturer markings shown on the hose.

Click the '+Add Hose' button to add the hose to the list.

Once complete just copy and save the list as a .csv file and load it into any spreadsheet software to manage.

This free online version requires you to register your email address before you can see the list.

We'd appreciate if we could allow our local partners to send you a quote as this is the only way we can maintain our free website.

Contact us for other versions

Contact us for downloadable versions, with full copy and save facilities, for PC or iPad or if you'd like a hose register App on your website.