Proportional and Servo Valves

Introduction to hydraulic proportional and servo valves

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Things you should learn

This module will explain:

1. 1-2 What proportional valves are used for.

2. 1-2 How proportional valves work

3. 2 Different types of proportional and servo valve

4. 3 Tips for operating and maintaining (See Pro course)

5. 3-4 Typical operating characteristic(See Pro course)

6. 4 How to specify(See Pro course)

7. 4 Design Tips, techniques and potential issues (See Pro course)

Applies to the following areas

servo and proportional valves

This module is not market specific will clarify the difference between all types of proportional valves and their applications.

Target Audience

1. Operating servo or proportional valve system.

2. Managing or purchasing hydraulic equipment.

3. Maintenance and Design Engineers. (See Pro course)