Educational Science Series

Working to improve engineering education

Bringing science to life

Researchers at Brunel University's ETC discover electrons have evolved into living creatures

The Unwatched Light

Eddy and the overfilled kettle massacre

Eddy makes some new friends

Eddy and the return of the prodigal son

Eddy the electron and the holiday standby crisis

New Educational Science Cartoons - Coming Soon

If you'd like a story about the products your company produce then let us know. Provided there are some interesting engineering principles and 3D model environments then we should be able to produce a humorous, educational cartoon to suit.

Help us improve children's (and adults) engineering education and encourage better energy saving awareness and safety. Join us and get some great publicity.

Each story contains

An engineering principle explained.

Strong characters in every electrons.

Eddy is every child's secret friend living in their mobile phone.

Energy saving and electrical safety awareness.

A strong social story in every episode, enough to keep non engineers interested.

Group psychology, team management and tribal patterns explored with between nuclear, coal and wind generated electrons analogous to the different human ethnicities.

For once each ending will follow the laws of science, no matter what the leaders, politicians or marketing men tell us.

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