Hydraulic hose fitting

How to fit hydraulic hose correctly

Incorrectly installed hose will reduce its life and risk premature failure

Avoid torsion in hydraulic hose

hydraulic hose installation

Do not install hose with residual torque.

Use flanges or swivel fittings on at least one end of the hose.

Avoid short straight hoses that do not have enough length to provide good flexibility; it's better to have a small radius in a longer hose than a perfectly straight hose that can suffer axial tension.

Axial missalignments should be avoided particularly in short hoses or ones with relative movement between each end.

Do not compress or extend axially

hydraulic hose installation

If the ends of the hose will move relative to each other then make sure the hose flexibility is not axial along the hose.

Avoid sharp bends in the hose

hydraulic hose installation

Use elbow fittings instead of allowing the hose to bend sharply.

Hose bends must not fall below the minimum bend radius of each hose type.

Always maintain the minimum bend radius

hydraulic hose installation

Make sure fittings allow the hose bend equal or greater than the minimum bend radius.

Avoid bends in multiple planes

hydraulic hose installation

Try to ensure hose bends are in one plane only. Never allow bends or tension against the fitting ferrule itself.