Learn Tractor Hydraulics

Operate the tractor hydraulic circuit and controls

This program includes part of the original New Holland tractor training package. Investigate the menus to find gear box and transmission controls.

Tractor hydraulic and working control screens

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Things to do in above application

Click on the forward arrow to cycle through every frame and then investigate or operate each component with your mouse or touch screen. Click on the left or right side of the knobs to rotate them.

Screen 1

Learn about some of the key hydraulic components within a tractor hydraulic system. Note that the hydraulic screen has two sections that can accessed via the refresh sign.

Screen 2

Operate the mechanical and electronic draft control system by using replicas of the in cab controls.

Screen 3

Investigate the four wheel drive controls and learn when to use them.

Screen 4

Experiment with the many different gearbox options.

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