Hydraulic circuit simulation

Build and test circuits in this training simulator

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First release, still adding content

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Experiment Mode

Select a circuit from the drop-down list.

Click the solenoids to operate each valve.

Click on a component to edit its parameters.

Display Results

Move the green gauge to a component to see its values.

Move the printer icon over a component then press the top bar print button.

Design Mode

Select the Design/Build button to switch between modes.

Click on and drag a component to move it.

Always connect pipes between the valve green dots.

Click the refresh button to re-scan and update the new circuit.

Developer Mode

We'd like to hear from people who would like to help us develop and test this software. Developers will receive a downloadable version which will allow you to load and save any circuit.

You can hear about new releases on Facebook or on Twitter .

Interactive hydraulic circuit builder

A full program download will be available soon