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How to use this site

The best way to learn is to experiment with actual equipment. Our simulations allow you to safety operate a wide range of hydraulic components and systems.

Read or listen to the text in each page, then follow it's instructions within the applications.

Operate or run test withing the training simulations until you understand what is happening then click the forward arrow on the top bar of most applications to step to the next level. Operating the virtual equipment makes you think about what you are doing which helps you learn and remember much more effectively.

Skill level key explained

Level 0 image Level 0 for people who don't know what hydraulics is or does. The yellow colour shows this is specific to mobile equipment design.

Level 1 image Level 1 if you know what fluid power is but not how it works. The light blue colour shows this is specific to industrial equipment design.

Level 2 image Level 2 if you have a little knowledge of how hydraulic equipment works but want to know more. The dark blue colour shows this applies to most hydraulic equipment design.

Level 3 image Level 3 if you have a good understanding for maintenance but want to know more about the design.

Level 4 image Level 4 if you already design hydraulic equipment want to extend your knowledge.

Level 5 image Level 5 if you want an in-depth knowledge of the mathematics or science behind the design.

Key to show the nature of the content

Each icon shows you the type of content the following information relates to:-

mobile hydraulics Information relates to mobile hydraulics only.

industrial hydralulics Information relates to industrial hydraulics only.

maintenance image Maintenance or service information.

design image Design details.

calculation image Design calculations.

tip image Tips, tricks or points of interest.

open quiz Test your skills with a quiz.

contact image Contact us.

video image Watch a video.

shop image Commercial details or information.

Training sequence control

training control

Use the FWD and BACK arrows to step through the training course sequence. The text on the left of the top bar shows you which step you are at.

Or select the section you want from the drop down list.

Click the sound button to switch the naration on or off. No button means no sound.

Click and drag the slide bar to change the setting within the program. You can also edit the value in the text box, if there is one.

There are generally two versions of each program available. The one in the main site pages and a second, available through the level icon or heading text, that expands to fill the size of your browser and has no menus or headings in the page.

Take care using this website correctly

Hydraulic design can be specific to particular industries or machines. Make sure the comments made within this website apply to the equipment you are using.

The simulations and calculations within this site use Javascript which is known to have some floating point errors. The are generally minor but mean that our applications must only be used for training and awareness. Never use our calculators for sizing for new designs without a reliable back up calculation.