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Self-Drive, Micro-Learning, Tutor Courses
Introduction to hydraulic fluid power components and circuitsFree
Understand the importance of contamination controlMembers
Understand the key hydraulic formulas and fundamentalsMembers
How to operate hydraulic equipmentMembers
Learn how to calculate hydraulic equipment performance and sizingMembers
Understand the importance and requirements of a good hydraulic system specification.Members
Hydraulic pump uses, operation, types, and specification.Members
Check valve uses, operation, types, and specification.Members
Directional valve uses, operation, types, and specification.Members
Pressure relief valve uses, operation, types, and specification.Members
Flow control valve uses, operation, types, and specification.Members
Hydraulic scissor lift circuit designs explanations.Members
Safe working practicesMembers
Hydraulic maintenance procedures and considerationsMembers
Hydraulic fluid types and characteristicsMembers
Flexible System Experiment and Testing Tools with Guided Exercises
Hydraulic Circuit Simulation ExperimentsDemo
Interactive Hydraulic QuizzesDemo
Full list of interactive product and system simulations
Traditional eLearning Courses
Understand hydraulic load control with this detailed review of issues and componentsFree
Learn what hydraulics is used for with lots of examples of hydraulic equipment.Free
Basic introduction to what hydraulic can achieve, the benefits, and where it's used. Free
Other Engineering Training Resources
Learn how to avoid upper limb injuries and disordersFree
Childrens educational science game for KS3 and KS4Free
Learn all about and how to Drive a 1930 Steam Locomotive and Stephenson's RocketFree