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For many years all of the worlds best scientists believed that electrical charge was some inanimate, electromotive force, with no thoughts or feelings of its own. They had no idea about the secret world that exists within every electricity circuits, in every home.

This program is the first to tell the true-life story of Electric Eddy and his older sister Delta. They are electrons whose fictional adventures take place in the electrical appliances that surround us in our everyday lives.


Electirc Eddy is a radical new approach to children's education. It is built around the true life story of Electric Eddy and his older sister Delta. They are electrons whose fictional adventures are based on simple electrical theory and are set in the electrical appliances that surround us in our everyday lives. This approach provides a clear understanding of electricity in an interesting and entertaining way.

The applications on this site are ntertaining, interactive, adventures, with lively and amiable characters, that can be enjoyed like any book or cartoon. These stories will follow strict scientific principals that are subconsciously absorbed by the students.

Further level of investigation with a range of factual and entertaining reference screens.

Free play and experimentation in the simulation program.

A structured teaching program, teaching aids, project ideas.

A key part of this program will be integration of modules from an easy to use, industrial, simulation program which the developer is very willing to adapt for our use.

Electricity explained in an entertaining way

This is the true life story of Electric Eddy and his evil sister Delta. They are electrons whose fictional adventures are based on simple electrical theory and are set in the appliances that surround us in our everyday lives. Eddy's fun and games can be used to explain all aspects of electricity in an interesting and entertaining way, while his sister Delta makes everyone aware of its dangers.

The range of characters make up the classic combination for all good stories. A 'goody', a 'baddy', and an innocent small child in need of help. From this foundation an endless range of interesting stories can be created.

Electrons like Eddy actually exist

Electrons actually exist. They obey simple scientific rules. Understanding these rules provides the basic building blocks for understanding all electronics, computers and electrical engineering.

Following the adventures of Electric Eddy provides a subconscious appreciation of the basic rules of electricity. The students learn through pictures and ideas without having to memorise formulae. This essentially provides a clear understanding of the technology, in a way that the children will enjoy.

Some examples :-

A Switch is a lifting bridge. When the bridge is open no electrons can cross. When closed the circuit is complete.

Voltage is the number of electrons available to do work. A small motor can be turned by only one Eddy whilst 250 Eddys are required to rotate a large one.

Current is the flow of electrons. A fast stream of single Eddys may use as much power (total electrons) as a slow stream of 250 Eddys.

A Cathode Ray Tube or television screen is a massive gun firing electrons at a screen. Other electrons move the gun from side to side to form the pictures.

An 8 bit computer processor has 8 Eddys holding hands in a line together. A 16 bit processor has two groups of 8 Eddys holding hands together. These can obviously carry twice as much information as only 8 Eddys.

etc. etc. etc....for every electrical device and energy loss.

My secret friend

It may be that real electrons actually do have thoughts and feelings of their own! If children's dolls or cuddly toys can talk to them, then why not Eddy? In all 'Cinderella' tales the child has a secret friend they can turn to. Eddy can be treated as that friend and the operator becomes part of the story in front of them. He becomes a guiding hand with all of today's technology.

Electrons are all the same sex. This can be used to break down traditional engineering stereotypes.

The Tutor

Eddy and Delta can guide and advise on technical and problem solving difficulties.

Illustrations inform without lectures

Many electrical concepts can be clearly conveyed using simple pictures. Good illustrations would be a key factor in all Electric Eddy stories.

Generally people with excellent technical abilities are not drawn to reading. Also people with no interest in technical matters get bored when reading factual reports. The Electric Eddy concept solves both of these dilemmas.

Clear faces express strong characters

The face makes up 90% of a cartoon figure's character. Our electrons consist of 90% face and therefore make excellent models. They are also very easy and effective to animate particularly in 3D graphics.

Electric Eddy is a lively and cheerful character. He transmits energy and speed with his fast, enthusiastic speech. He is always looking for adventures and loves playing practical jokes on people. He is a lovable live wire but makes a trusted and reliable friend.

Edwina is evil. Feared and hated by everyone, he is not a lovable rogue. He must scare the children and make them aware of the dangers of electricity. His character is loathsome and his communication minimal, but he always makes his presence known.

One thousand relations colour the plot

Eddy and Delta have an endless supply of cousins to add to the plot. Relations of all ages and nationalities (nuclear, gas, wind and wave of course). They and their friends may die from time to time in the most tragic of ways; but they can always be recharged for the remake.

Some close friends are :-

Elise is a brain box. Someone knows everything about everything and is always willing to inform. Just what you want when you're in a tricky spot and need some help. There is just the hint however of too much work and no play; which provides subtle evidence of why one should not spend too much time in front of a computer.

Erle is gorgeous. Always worried about appearances and taking time to look nice. The only problem is that nothing actually gets done. Essentially a total energy loss. Just looks right and sounds important, but at the end of the day is a waste of the fuel used in its creation.