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Comprehensive hydraulic training rig simulation

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This hydraulic training CD has taken the traditional way of learning, e.g. by building and testing actual circuits on a hydraulic test stand, and made a simulation of this on a computer screen. The simulations are much more visual and easy to use than most circuit building simulators and therefore provide many benefits when used as a one to one training tool or within a classroom.

We would expect it to take about 8 hours to work through the whole program and it's not unusual for new trainees to spend several hours just experimenting in one section.

A CD version which includes many hours of spoken help files and a license for commercial use can be purchased from our online shop or with a purchase order for only £135 + VAT

Discounts for a multi-user licenses are also available.

The things it will do

program screen

Over 40 hours of training accelerated into less than 20.

Learning by experience not by observation.

Clear and simple to use graphics combined with several hours of spoken help files.

Operate test stands on your own computer screen.

Build and test a range of different circuits and components.

Experiment with realistic, real time simulations to understand how the actual products perform.

Subjects covered are:-

Basic hydraulic fundamentals - pressure, area, flow, force, p.d. etc.

Component design fundamentals - spools, poppets, orifices, springs etc.

Relief valve design, operation and performance.

Counterbalance valve design, operation, performance and applications.

Circuit design fundamentals based on sandwich plate technology.

Pressure and power control - fixed, variable pumps, pressure relief, reducing, variable and pressure compensated flow control.

Logic circuit design and operation including advanced directional control techniques.

Pilot and direct operated control valves using different pilot operation techniques.

Direct and proportional control experiments with different loads and limit settings.

Power unit design including temperature and contamination control issues.

Hydraulic system fundamentals

Hydraulic system fundamentals

Experiment with basic hydraulic components to understand the fundamental principles that dictate all hydraulic equipment design.

Simulations include pressure, flow, logic valves, circuits, power units, hydraulic components, proportional control etc.

Hydraulic circuit design

Hydraulic circuit design

Students can experiment with different circuit configurations in order to understand exactly where and why each component is used.

Simulations include sandwich plate circuits, logic circuits, proportional control, power unit design.

Hydraulic component models

Hydraulic component models

Working models of each valve on its test stand make an excellent way of learning how the valve's function. A real time mathematical model based on the valve's design criteria calculates its response.

Simulations include a pressure relief valve and counterbalance valve.

Real time hydraulic simulations

Real time hydraulic simulations

All of our simulation modules work in real time so you can change the parameters of the power unit simulation and observe the effect on its performance. The effects of doubling the pressure or flow can also be demonstrated without the risk of killing anyone.

Simulations include contamination generation and off line filtering, temperature build up and cooling.

System design fundamentals

System design fundamentals

Allowing students to test a range of different system controls with a simple to use computer program will save both time and money when compared to traditional training methods.

Simulations include a range of bang-bang and proportional control setups.


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